Jhalani Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd.

The name itself signifies its diligence. Jhalani is the Gotra of the Chairman because of which the name has followed with a positive vibe towards its success. Agro has been indulged as the company manufactured Agricultural Implements like Power Thresher, Paddy Thresher along with varieties of garden implement and the most popular amongst it was the KrishakBandhu Pump.

These items were manufactured for Agriculture Department, Government of Odisha. Further, filling the need and demand of the state, the company diversified further. Now, A leading manufacturer of Steel Tubular Poles (Swaged) was set up in the year1992 as per IS 2713standard.

It is used specially for lighting of parks, Gardens, Plant Projects, National Highways, Bridges, Municipal Corporation, etc. We are proud to be the 4th Unit in the country to acclaim BIS License Certificate.

As per the growing demand in the construction industry, the state was depending upon other neighbors for the equipment's and advance technology. With the idea to supply within the state for the builders & contractors, the Industry hasnow complete set up of Scaffolding and Shuttering materials where we offer you different varieties as under: with a production capacity of 5500 M.Tons per annum:

  • Shuttering Plates: Welded & Molded
  • Telescopic Props, Vertical & Horizontal Cup Locks, Swivel Couplers, Ledgers, U-Jacks, AcroSpan, Pylon, etc.
  • The company also offers Fabrications of all kinds according to the specifications and design of the customers.